Forget the IQ test or MENSA, these signs are a decent indicator that you could be a very very smart person.

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  1. Number eight. “They who know most, say they know least. Suggesting if you’re a genius, you might not shout it from the rooftops. In fact, you may not tell anyone at all.”

    The comment section would lead you to believe different…

  2. I have all 9 traits except that I’m the youngest one in my family! And I honestly don’t think I’m a genius! I’m just curious to gain knowledge about this universe and everything within our universe!

  3. lets see…
    i enjoy bad films… check (i love the live action Garfield movie)
    i can be lazy at times… check
    i’m an introvert… check
    i stay up late… check
    i am the oldest child… check
    i am funny… check
    i am half messy half not messy… half check
    i curse… check
    i’m not fashionable… check
    i worry about sh*te (See, me cursing, right there) check x2

    (also i study stuff like history and science in my free time… that probably helps a bit too)

  4. I really doubt how much credibility this top10 has, it looks and sounds like the ads which I get on Facebook, telling me how many reasons there are that I am intelligent or completely dumb.

    Either way, do not bother yourself by this list. I genuinely know a genius who is utterly precise with every peace of furniture in his house, which is the complete opposite of messy. And so do I know a pothead who is lazy as it can be, but he also is as smart as a houseplant.

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