Top 10 Worst Tech Rip-Offs You’ve Probably Bought – Gear UP^

Tech can be expensive, and sometimes electronics are not worth the money. Some of the biggest tech rip-offs you’ve probably been tricked into buying include landlines, ringtones and pricey HDMI cables. And who among us hasn’t bought an extended warranty that we never even used? WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to talk about ten of the biggest tech rip-offs and how to avoid them!

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00:39 #1. Pricey HDMI Cables
01:12 #2. Extended Warranties
01:46 #3. InHome Calibration
02:27 #4. Rental Cable Modems
03:00 #5. Buying a Phone Through Your Carrier
03:32 #6. Internal Memory for Smartphones
04:09 #7. Configuring Your New Laptop with More RAM
04:39 #8. Ringtones
05:20 #9. Overseas Calls
05:59 #10. Landlines

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  1. The ringtone thing always gets me. I’m just as surprised that people pay for it. If you have a Mac you can create them for free via Garageband and you get to use almost any song you’d have on your computer.

  2. The cell phone 2yr contracts were actually a good deal. The discount you got on service for being out of contract and the activation fee added up for 2 years was generally less than the amount subsidized. so you save a lot in the short term and a little in the long term. thats why almost all carriers are eliminating 2yr contracts. the ability to keep customers in contract wasnt worth it anymore since people rarely change providers anyway these days.. most the finacing plans now offered are zero intrest. and offer a trade in for a newer device option if you want after a year. since they financing is free no reason not to take is since there is no longterm loss and a short term gain. you could buy a phone outright and go to a bargain carrier. but they will not provide the same caliber of service the big four and major local carriers can offer.

  3. YES, my biggest pet peeve is when people buy phones on contract. You save A LOT of money in the long run from buying it outright, and if you say “Well what if I cant afford it outright?” then save a little longer…

  4. I partially disagree about landlines​. If you have a home alarm system/service, there’s no better way to connect to the monitoring service than a real landline.
    Also, for those of us who like ancient phones​, a proper landline is a must. My 47 year old rotary dial phone requires the line voltage and pulse recognition, that my carrier provides, to work correctly. The side benefit is that the phone still works when the power is out. No cable company, or cell phone company, can do that without making the customer buy extra equipment. And, they usually won’t even tell that the equipment exists. It does.

  5. How is extended warranty a waste of money if the defect is within the manufacturer’s warranty period? If it fails within a year, after I get a newly replaced one using the manufacturer’s warranty, there is a good chance it will fail within a year again. In this case, if I have extended warranty, I can get it replaced once again. In my country, anything that isn’t due to an accident or abuse is most likely considered manufacturer’s defect and eligible for repair or exchange.

  6. Or when you live/dating with a tech nut, you already know all of these. My phone was paid in full before I switched carriers under my boyfriends advice.

    BTW, all Android users: Zedge. Great app for free ringtones, notification tones, and wallpapers. My notification tone is a Mario coin.

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