Whether you loved it, or you hated it, we can all agree it wasn’t the same “Game of Thrones” we fell in love with all those years ago. Was “Game of Thrones” Season 8 truly “rushed”, was the writing really that bad? We got all the answers for you so buckle up partner! What was your least favorite moment of Season 8? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hard liberal who believes things should change, but c’mon, you give all of us a hard time when we’re constantly calling out stuff that could’ve or definitely existed even in our own medieval history like male-preference to claims of titles, etc. As wrong as that is – if they wanted it differently in the show they would’ve made it that way in the books too, it’s completely subjective which is prone to just draw ire on things we need to mend fences over and it takes up time and energy we could dedicate to other, more meaningful ventures than calling out just another dumb distraction we’re supposed to all enjoy… for reasons we all enjoy it, arbitrary-rape scenes not necessary to plot not included. What would GOT be if it wasn’t sexually explicit or violent or some form of both to be honest? With that said, I had actually been defending the last season on social media and this video made me look at everything else in a completely different way while often mirroring some criticisms I held/thought I held. Like WHO WOULD WIN? A BIG ASS SPEAR GUN PERFECTLY AIMED AT A MOVING, FLYING TARGET > A 20 TON DRAGON and the ‘Night King’ = Climate Change can’t work as Climate Change can’t be defeated with Valyrian steel… still see why they needed to get rid of him some way though… wish it could’ve been better

  2. i fuck hate it to the bone, i hope the all tapes get overwrite just like the NASA’s moon landings

  3. Danny becomes a villain and Jon has to kill her to save the world. What a bad writer job. Season 8 sucks.

  4. Honestly I’m glad I didn’t watch game of thrones since the end was such a complete and utter failure

  5. Wait, so the show is sexist or it’s not? Or both? Oh boy. Besides that rant pretty good take on the last season.

  6. It’s a dam medieval fantasy show. Otherwise, it would be girls fighting all the time with swords if it wasn’t mainly based on that. Why are you only complaining about it now? It was literally hinted the whole show that boys would mainly rule as it used to be. That’s nowhere near sexism for them to depict that imo. (8:20-9:05). Besides in Season 1 Ned Stark and Robert literally shuts down their wives all the time when they speak their mind on important matters because they were females and yet no one called it sexism or anything, but now that it’s season 8 and the show is over I guess we can say whatever we want lol.

  7. Lmfaooooo white women literally define anything they don’t like as sexist foh It’s MEDIEVAL times ! GoT already has an exaggerated portrayal of women in this show in terms of influence and power, and have demoted the men to stupider, secondary roles.

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