These athletes were caught red handed! From fencing to football, baseball to Formula 1, every sport has its cheaters. For this list, we’re looking at cheating athletes caught live in the act – including Mike Tomlin, Nelson Piquet Jr., Joe Niekro, and Julie Miller. Who do YOU think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. *Luiz Suarez* did not cheat! It would have only been a cheating if he had not been caught, just like Maradona! Luiz was caught for handball, and was red-carded rest of the World-cup and most of the next ones qualifiers!
    Gyan got his penalty, and they missed, Uruguay won, fair and square! Nobody would have called it a cheat, had Ghana scored their penalty!

    Deliberate foul is consistently done in football. Like wasting time near the end when you lead, fouls on the likes of Messi when he is in on goal, or obstruction on the likes of Modric when he is about to make a good pass. It’s part of the game, and should be praised as a last-ditch effort to save your team, at the cost of your place on the pitch!

  2. Mike Tyson ear biting was not cheating it was a savage behavior incident but they had to put it on the thumbnail to clickbait everyone

  3. I thought they meant cheating as in cheating on their girlfriends or wives at first lol

  4. I really like watchmojo, but the entry about Dora was shameful. She was born intersex and raised identifying as a woman, and there was no reason she shouldn’t have been allowed to do so in the Olympics, even if her identity changed later. I understand that it was a long time ago, but putting her on a list of cheaters in 2019 is wrong.

  5. As much as I hate Luis Suarez, I think he didn’t cheat. He deliberately touched the ball with his hands to avoid the goal, then received the red card, which is the right punishment for this action, he accepted the red card and Ghana missed the penalty and they won the game, so his action actually payed off.
    He didn’t try to fool the referees, he didn’t break the rules, he just used a desperate move to have a chance to win the game and it succeeded.

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