Winter is finally here! The season 8 premiere of GoT was packed with exciting moments, easter eggs, and big reveals. Watch as our panelists break down the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. Spoilers ahead!

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  1. Am I the only one who saw the screaming kid coming? I didn’t jump at all, fully predicted it…. I agree with Phoebe though I do think that Dany is not going to take Jons true parentage news well at all. Should be interesting to watch though.

  2. OMG people….It’s been said OVER AND OVER that the battle for Winterfell is set to be the WHOLE 3rd episode…from start to finish, the whole episode will be the battle.

  3. Actually the little boy was running around Wintertown, a small town right outside of Winterfell, and the boy is meant to mirror both Bran and Arya’s actions in the first episode.

  4. Daenerys will order the dragons to burn Sam just like his brother and dad. John will step in front of Sam. The dragons will then eat Daenerys….cuz “They eat whatever they want” 😉

  5. The White Walkers spiral symbol is like their sigil. Tyrion and Davos talked about house sigils in the episode

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