What ever happened to Edward Furlong? He blew up thanks to Terminator 2, winning awards and admiration from critics and audiences alike… but we haven’t heard a lot from him since then. Thankfully, the talented, fan-favorite actor returns to his iconic role as John Connor in Terminator: Dark Fate— but what’s he been up to then? Join WatchMojo as we explore what he’s been up to in the interim. What’s your favorite Edward Furlong performance? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Edward is a shit actor. He’s been in some good movies, and his role in T2, was his best so far, but he’s a pitiful actor. Thanks drugs…

  2. They better put him on a strict work out regimen. I wanna see John Connor in the best shape possible.

  3. Man so glad Eddie’s fixing up his life. Noone can play a better John Connor that Eddie! So excited for T DF

  4. I can’t imagine how much this man has been through and of course I don’t condone drugs or violence against women but he’s been through a lot of crap in his life. We all deal with our fair share of lows ofc but I’m glad he’s able to get himself on the straight and narrow.

    • Yep he’s not actually in the movie they are just CG’ing his face onto a child stunt double then killing him off 3 min later.

  5. Didn’t Edward appear in the remake of Night of the Demons? I can’t remember what the character’s name was in the film, but I can remember that he played a drug dealer character though who managed to survive mostly throughout the film though.

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