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CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Sex Ed class probably didn’t teach you enough about the female anatomy, which has led to a number of odd myths surrounding the vagina. In this episode we’re asking the big questions like: Where is the G-Spot? Is the G-Spot the key to female pleasure? Do heavier set women have wider vaginas? do skinny women have tighter vaginas? Do women that have more sex have wider vaginas? Is looseness a measure of promiscuity? Is squirting female ejaculation? Can all women have vaginal orgasms? And many more!

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  1. uhhhh, squirting is not pee….i don’t know where you got that notion, but many studies have stated that it is not pee. come on man

  2. Myth 6: Vaginas all look the same. The doctor thought I had a vagina when I first came out, turned out to just be a chode.

  3. Myth number five: I don’t know about g-spot, but clitorus is definitely an easy spot to bring pleasure
    Myth number four: Yes they are strongly related! I had a small sized girl and her pussy was super tight, another one had vast hips and therefore loose pussy.
    Myth number three: Yes, women who fuck around with different guys day by day and participate in gangbangs have much more wrecked and loose vagina than those who are just amateurs.
    Stop being so femisitic and accept the reality, WatchMojo! BTW make 5 myths about penis in the same manner

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