Top 10 WTF Spider-Man Villains
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The world of Spider-Man is home to some of the most iconic comic book villains of all time. But with so many Villains there’s bound to be some that’ll leave you scratching your head. These are the Spider-Man villains that had fans saying “WTF?”

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List Entries and Rank:
10. Swarm
9. The Spot
8. Shathra
7. Kangaroo
6. (Red) Vulture
5. Big Wheel
4. Spidercide
3, 2 & 1: ???

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    This guy with amazing powers that was the power to create portable holes, and to add these holes had the ability to transport himself to almost any place he wanted; Who was known as (The SPOT) an he once made his appearance in the year 90’s something cartoon show series of (THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Show Series) that involved the version of the radio-active Spider-Man in it.

    Now I strongly feel that this amazing thief (The Spot) should make a comeback new appearance; But this time in a comedy version of the cartoon show series of (SPIDER-MAN) or maybe in some other new version of it.

  2. Hey didn’t Ben 10 have a swarm villain in it too I remember it was the episode where Ben had a cold and it gave Heatblast the ability to create ice instead of fire and he used it to defeat him and his bugs

  3. I remember the spot and big wheel from Spider-Man the animated series they were able to get one episode in it. I liked the spot more then the other guy though because I liked his personality and I think his powers were cool I also remember that I was sad when he and the woman he loved got sucked into a giant one of his portals and died closing it

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