Not so happy father’s day. Join Ashley as he counts down the terrible fathers in Anime from shows like One Piece, My Hero Academia, Naruto Shippuden, Code Geass, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Assassination Classroom, Hunter x Hunter, Food Wars, Steins;Gate, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and more! So you can expect villains like Judge Vinsmoke, Azami Nakiri, Shouchi Makise, Ging Freecss, Gakuho Asano, Endeavor, Rasa, Gendo Ikari, Charles zi Britannia, Shou Tucker and more!

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  1. What about Dragon, Luffy’s dad? Luffy didn’t even know he had a father until episode 314 when his grandfather told him ?

  2. you should have added kagemitsu daigo from dororo. He gave up his son hyakkimaru to 12 demons (48 in the japenese dub) so that he could have power.

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