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We’re joined by the protagonist of anime dubs, Todd Haberkorn (voice of Natsu from Fairy Tail and Jaco from Dragon Ball Super), to count down some anime that have really dumb titles. Expect the likes of Symphogear, Legend of the Legendary Heroes, and Shobitch to appear along the way. We’re not saying these anime are bad, but their names sure are. What anime do you think has the weirdest name? What’s your favourite anime dub? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. This should have been titled the funniest anime titles I am laughing my ass off with every single one of these

  2. Your funny Todd Haberkorn! i love Watchmojo’s anime videos with you on them! I loved when you played Natsu in Fairy Tail too 😊

  3. The Legend of The Lengendary Heroes is actually a great anime that was unfortunately canceled, but 100% agree on it getting the number 2 spot in this list.

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