Welcome to Top10Archive! Everybody has a story – just not all of them are true. Some widely circulated stories, or urban legends, have been retold and believed so many times that they’ve been accepted as fact. Have you fallen victim to any of these top 10 harmless tall tales or can you spot a bona fide urban legend when you hear one?

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10. Richard Gere’s Sexploration
9. Accidental Tourist
8. Coca-Cola Solvent
7. The Duck’s Quack
6. JFK and the German Pastry
5. The Jedi Religion
4. Drill Instructor Knotts
3. Navy SEAL Fred Rogers
2. Pop Rocks and Coke
1. Black Market Kidneys


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  1. Mr. Rogers used to snipe people in the land of make believe when they
    weren’t filming, look closely at Prince Friday and you’ll see multiple
    holes in his forehead that have been painted over.

  2. Great video! I have heard of all of these except the gerbil one.
    It is hard to believe that anyone actually believed them, but I guess some

    • Thanks Janus! I personally fell for the Mr. Rogers one when I was in grade
      school (about 20 years ago now). It was a lot easier to get away with it
      back then without the internet!

  3. Another rumor about Mr. Roger’s is that they say he was a convicted
    pedophile who was doing the show as probation. It’s so stupid and makes
    such little sense. Some parents will cause an uproar for show if they have
    two characters hold hands and you want people to believe that they’d let a
    pedophile air a kids show?!

  4. Mr. Rogers was in the USMC though why do you think he wore long sleeves all
    the time, he was hiding his USMC tattoo!

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