Everyone loves a creepy urban legend, and gamers are no exception. From Morrowind’s mod, to a twisted version of Pokemon Black, AllTime10’s brings you 10 Creepy Video Game Urban Legends.

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  1. Loved the video, but I cannot believe you included Sonic.exe.
    I don’t mind your inclusion of creepypastas which are clearly fake, but
    Sonic.exe is putrid. Horrible story.

    Also when Jadusable deleted the BEN file the NPCs didn’t ignore him, they
    just didn’t say his name or BENs name at all.

  2. Stopped watching halfway not bcuz its creepy but its cuz da video is near
    unwatchable. All I see is pixels in colour dat make up a video. Even worse
    at fullscreen. Seriously fix ur video.

  3. Wait, there’s 2 new MC creepypastas. Null and enirity 303. It was believed
    they were Mojang workers before they got fired for messing with the oringal
    game codes.

  4. herobrine isn’t a urban legend, hes a phase for every 10 year old girl
    playing the game, where they insist things like they are herobrines
    daughter or in a relationship, and other weird things like that

  5. The herobrine one, he’s semi real because I’ve seen this “character” in the
    beginning of MC (hoe ruined my amazing house) but now he’s apparently been

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