Top 10 Unscripted Award Show Moments That Went Viral
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The best moments in award shows are the unexpected ones! From Natalie Portman calling out the all-male nominees at the Golden Globes to Madonna wiping out at the Brit Awards, award shows are full of unexpected, hilarious and just plain weird moments. WatchMojo is counting down the most memorable unscripted award show moments.

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#10: Natalie Portman Singles Out Male Nominees
#9: Adele False-Starts the George Michael Tribute
#8: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Fail to Kiss
#7: Madonna Wipes Out at the Brit Awards
#6: Brendan Fraser Claps
#5: Lady Gaga Bumps into Leonardo DiCaprio
#4: Winona Ryder Reacts at the SAG Awards
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Dude, it’s 2018. Why are people still pronouncing it “jif”? Just say the word Gifts and let the T be silent… damn…

  2. Does nobody remember when they were doing a skit with some guy half naked and his ass ended up in Eminems face and he flipped out and stormed off?? Or was that staged? I was pretty young when I watched that VMAs I think it was so maybe I was gullible and believed a staged skit lol

  3. Adele fans usually say: Adele is a true artist. She doesn’t care if she can sing every time perfectly and doesn’t begin again songs once started. She is actually the only artist I have seen to start again. Let the false notes come from your mouth, Adele! Majority of your fans don’t even notice it!

    • Kanye seems to act like he is a 6 year old child who wants desperately his attention. The only people who are dumber than Kanye are the ones who listen to his music and defend his behavior. He belongs in kinder-garden.

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