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Graham Norton has some of the best celebrity interviews on television. The funniest talk show moments like Chris Pratt’s perfect essex accent, when Greg Davis breaks Ryan Gosling, Paul Rudd’s basic instinct, and Jennifer Lawrence being shocked by Eddie Redmayne’s modelling photos. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for another top 10 Graham Norton Show Moments.

00:40 #10. Paul Rudd’s Basic Instinct
01:32 #9. PickUp Lines
02:24 #8. Hulk Burn
03:11 #7. Greg Davies Breaks Ryan Gosling
04:01 #6. EyebrowOff
04:38 #5. Jack Whitehall’s Illiterate Toilet Incident
05:34 #4. Chris Pratt’s Perfect Essex Accent
06:20 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. “Have you ever over egged a Pudding ?” – – – – – – This is a saying this new guy has never heard

  2. lol I tried the same once. my math teacher forgot to turn off her mic as she had a problem speaking. can’t remember what it was. but it was fun to hear her try to yell at another student. we all laughed. sounded like she had swallowed 29 ashtrays and she even was trying to be polite. when she came back. we all told her we heard it all. but either was she dumb, refer or just ignored us cause she did say anything to it. I miss. Ms. Elly. may her hearing and brains gotten better.

  3. We really dont need everything spoon fed to us, we will get the jokes without the extensive explanations that generally destroy the original content.

  4. How the hell do they get through TWO of these lists without even mentioning Chris Pratt’s magic trick? It should have been at the top of the first list!

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