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There are a lot of animal internet sensations out there. From the Sneezing Baby Panda, to Dramatic Chipmunk, to Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog, these animal internet celebrities sure produce some adorable animal videos. WatchMojo counts down ten animals that became famous through memes.

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#10: Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog
#9: Photobombing Sloth
#8: Oh Long Johnson
#7: Yelling Goat
#6: Dramatic Chipmunk
#5: Lil Bub
#4: Sneezing Baby Panda
#3, #2 & #1???

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    b. Don’t correct that it’s a prairie dog then revert back to calling it a chipmunk
    2. That’s NOT how you pronounce Costa Rica (It’s Spanish so the “o” in Costa is said long, not short)
    3. I have never even heard of Photobombing Sloth, but Doge isn’t one this list?! Really?!

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