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Don’t miss WatchMojo LIVE on May 31st. Visit starting at 2PM to check out all the action! There are actually a lot of everyday things you probably never realized serve an important purpose. For example, did you know the arrow next to your fuel gauge tells you which side your gas tank is on? The loop on the back of your dress shirt originally served as a hanger so shirts wouldn’t wrinkle? Chinese takeout containers can actually fold out in plates??? We wish we’d known some of these handy facts about everyday things sooner! WatchMojo counts down ten weird facts about everyday objects you probably never knew.

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00:38 #10: Tic Tac Tops
01:23 #9: Swatch Fabric with Clothing
02:03 #8: Shirt Loops
02:41 #7: Fuel Gauge Arrow
03:11 #6: Chinese Take-Out Containers [aka Oyster Pail]
03:53 #5: Pocket Snaps / Jean Rivets
04:33 #4: Hole in Pen Cap
05:19 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I watched a similar video not long ago that said the exact opposite of pen lids. They aren’t like that to prevent choking, but rather to make it easier to put the lid on the pen with air pressure pushing it off.
    I’m confused now.

  2. Ad too- the placement of the gas gauge in the cluster also indicates which side the tank is if there’s no arrow.

  3. They mean the hole is for you to stick dry noodles thru so you can measure a serving before cooking.

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