Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim here! Have you ever stuck a fork in a light socket when you were a kid? The loud popping, the sparks – oh the beautiful sparks! Ok.. so maybe that’s not what light sockets are for, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t household items that people still use incorrectly, and that’s the topic of discussion for this installment. Join us for the “Top 10 Things People Never Use Correctly”.

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10. Bobby Pins
9. Aluminum Foil / Saran Wrap End Locks
8. Earbuds
7. Plastic Drink Lids
6. Plunger
5. Punctuation
4. Chinese Takeout Containers
3. Escalators
2. Cotton Swabs
1. Car Seats

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  4. Please correct the Escalator part. Certain part of the world (like Singapore and some cities in Japan for example), u stand on the left and people walk on the right hand side.

  5. haters why are you commenting,this video explains how stupid are you and you dont know how to use stuff only jerk will be hater.

    • peter kile top 10 archive blackmailed another youtuber in case you didn’t realise that’s why you see so many hate comments and dislikes. Sadly if the subs whent down on top10archive that would be better because I don’t think dislikes will do much but if the subs whent down that would be what would start killing the channel.

  6. Actually, you aren’t supposed to walk on escalators at all, as it causes extra stress on them and requires more maintenance to be done on them.

  7. The three points on a beverage lid are actually to be pushed down to signify the type of pop that’s inside the cup. Look at the writing beside them

    • Those are actually different from what we were referring to. Some lids – not all – have three grooves around the outer well, typically more outward than the dots you’re talking about. 😀

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