There are a lot of laws that should be made, laws that should be changed or things that should be against the law. Whether it’s taking a full cart to the express checkout line at the grocery store, reclining your airplane seat without asking, or chewing gum loudly, these are just a few annoying behaviors that should be illegal. WatchMojo counts down ten things that should be banned in society.

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00:34 #10: Reclining Airplane Seats Without Asking
01:22 #9: Taking Up Extra Seats on the Subway
02:21 #8: Babies in Movie Theaters (& Other Public Spaces)
03:11 #7: Gum Chewing
04:04 #6: Frivolous Lawsuits
04:51 #5: Taking a Full Cart to the Express Checkout Lane
05:38 #4: Playing Your Music Without Headphones
06:19 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Check out a few of the things featured in this video.
    Boss Baby
    Hot Coffee
    Step Up

    • You just played yourself on the last comment. Btw, if you make a video about how to get a girl in high school that would be a perfect video.


      ‘Banning Trolls’
      You’ve lost it.

  2. The only annoying thing that should be banned, is the believe that the annoying things should be banned in the first place, stop been such an assholes

  3. I used to work the express lane at a grocery store and I’ll just say that people are fucking savages when they’re grocery shopping. They leave their common decency at home.

  4. The only one of these that I have an issue with is Ad Popups, not including youtube though, I relise thats how creators make money since I am one……….

  5. No wonder why women don’t get taken seriously anymore. number 9 was a wasted space that could have been for banning riots or even activism as a whole since activist like to pour more gasoline in a fire too big for them.

  6. “Manspreading” is not an issue, it is just a feminist horseshit blown way out of proportion. Also really, arrested? The fuck is wrong with police?
    Attacking trolls was a big mistake though, you only painted a bigger target on yourself (really defending that self absorbed black cunt?).
    And watchmojo thinks they can shit on people as they please…how wrong you are.

  7. Please make this a thing and add banning greed and jealousy and this would be a perfect “Human majority standard” world.

  8. 1. People
    2. People
    4. People
    5. People
    6. People
    7 .People
    8. People
    9. People
    10. People

    Problem solved.

  9. Me before playing the video: “well come on, i’m sure it’s not that bad”
    Me after seeing #10: “Nope, nope.”

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