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Good horror movies have the ability to take ordinary everyday objects and make them scary to the point that we can’t even look at them the same way again! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Normal Things That Were Made Terrifying by Movies! What will take top spot on our list? Will be swimming in the ocean, dolls, or basements? Watch to find out!

#10. Showers & Tubs
#9. Phone Calls
#8. The Dark
#7. Being Home Alone
#6. The Woods
#5. Mirrors
#4. Clowns
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. my cousin told me he was afraid of a doll in his house, so whenever i’m there I move it around.. its like, why would you tell me that

  2. Me: Hello?
    Ghostface: I wanna play a game.
    Me: Ok cool what games do you like to play ghost? I got Tony hawks pro skater 2 on the dreamcast and GTA vice city on my ps2 or we can go old school and play some nintendo games or sega genesis games,i got sonic 2 and for playstation i got medal of honor and suikoden and lots others like kings field and kings field 2 and i just got persona 2 as well and lots more,i also have an original xbox so we can play halo 2 or conker libe and reloaded,and i also have some 360 games to so we can game on as well.
    Ghostfacw: Fuck this shit *hangs up*
    Me:Hello? Alrighty then.*hangs up*.

  3. Happy death day needed to be on this list. There was the tiniest little detail that totally ruined the rest of the movie

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