Top 10 Worst Horror Movie Sequels

Scariest part of these horror movie sequels was how awful they were. WatchMojo presents the films that were sequels to horror films that just didn’t live up to the originals, or any other good scary movies for that matter. But which awful horror film will take the top spot? Will it be the dreaded Exorcist 2, the universally panned Troll 2, or one of the many unneeded Jaws sequels? Watch to find out!

00:38 #10. “Jason X” (2001)
01:41 #9. “A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy’s Revenge” (1985)
02:39 #8. “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” (1998)
03:34 #7. “Halloween Resurrection” (2002)
04:32 #6. “Leprechaun In Space” (1997)
05:42 #5. “Book of Shadows Blair Witch 2” (2000)
06:53 #4. “The Rage Carrie 2” (1999)
07:44 #3, #2, #1 ????

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  1. how did hellraiser 3 or anything made after the 4th not end up on this
    list… especially that last abomination that didn’t even star doug!

  2. Speaking of Alien Resurrection. The new Alien movies will retcon the last
    two. Sigorney Weaver has even stated that she wants a proper close to her
    character, should be interesting to see :D

  3. the only friday the 13th sequel I hate is Jason goes to Hell the scenes
    worth watching are the beginning and the very end where Freddy grabs
    Jason’s mask

  4. f u. Jason X was awesome, if you want to say something about Friday how
    about five. five was awful

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