Okay so we know the actual event happened, but was this a 100% true retelling of Chernobyl? We’re looking at the things HBO’s Chernobyl got factually right and wrong about the real nuclear disaster. Which moment seemed too good to be true? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Watch it .. one of the best short series ive ever been startled by. Seeing families and children playing in what they thought was snow .. shit gave me chills. Sickening how secretive our governments can be.
    That aside .. mojo, this is ur worst list.

  2. Those three men draining the radioactive water so that it didn’t create a 100 times worse disaster is what heroes are made of. The liquidators/soldiers are heroes too, but if they don’t drain that water and the rest of the radio active material from the floor collapses into the water basically most of Europe is uninhabitable. The weird thing is that those 3 men lived and the only one died because of a heart attack years later.

  3. I am a former citizen of the USSR. I declare : the film is 50% FALSE! In Russia this is called the word VYSER…It smells of propaganda and slander…

  4. Wow. Before this video I thought all of Eastern Europe was populated by English-speaking British people. Mind. Blown. 😛

  5. So from what I can see, the biggest problem with this mini series is the accents. While I think any really good actor should be able to do a halfway decent accent, if that’s the worst thing about this, then it seems to be a very good show over all.

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