This is everything Netflix’s The Dirt got factually right and wrong. Catch Rebecca & WatchMojo founder Ash discuss The Dirt on our new channel, ContextTV: The Dirt is Sexist, That’s the Point:
Crazy tales from the road and rock star debauchery collide in this new movie about Motley Crue. Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, Vince Neil and Tommy Lee are the stars of this new music biopic, and in case you’re wondering how much is fact and how much is fiction, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be looking at the true and false of Netflix’s The Dirt. What did you think of this new movie?

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List Entries and Rank:
10. Nikki Sixx Getting the Rights Back to Mötley Crüe’s Music Was Easy FALSE
9. That Party Trick TRUE
8. Vince Neil Was the Band’s First Lead Singer FALSE
7. Tommy Lee Was Abusive TRUE
6. Doc McGhee’s Tattoo FALSE
5. Nicki Sixx Called the Police on His Mother TRUE
4. The Band Met Vince Neil at a Pool Party FALSE
3, 2 & 1. ???

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  1. Catch Rebecca and WatchMojo founder (& hard rock aficionado) Ash discuss The Dirt on our new channel, ContextTV:
    The Dirt is Sexist, That’s the Point:

  2. What they got right was what a waste of a musical decade. Hair bands were shit and most of the members were druggie morons who if they couldn’t get a break would be flipping burgers at local burger shop

  3. So if Mötley Crüe makes a movie and calls it factual, who is anyone to say they got it wrong? Were you there?

  4. I read the book like 10 years ago. Honestly, the movie should have been super long or they should have made it into a little series with like 8 episodes. I liked the movie! But the movie doesn’t do the book justice. The book is insane! Lol

  5. they got a hell of alot more than 10 things wrong,,,they just can’t keep track of their lies

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