If you stopped watching sometime after Season 10, it was probably because of the following Simpsons moments that made most fans rage quit. We’ll be looking at ten controversial scenes or episodes from The Simpsons that resulted in a lot of fan backlash and criticism. It’s one of the most influential TV shows of all time, but it is not without its frustrations. WatchMojo ranks the Simpsons moments that made fans rage quit. When do you think The Simpsons jumped the shark? Let us know in the comments!

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    • The moment I hate the most is actually not on the list or on any other of lists like it and that is in ‘Oh brother where art thou?’ where it ends with Herbert breaking it off with Homer at the end. I mean they reveal he has a brother then just leave him out to get back to the status quo???BULLSHIT!

    • I’ll tell you an episode that made me really cross. Brawl In The Family. It started off great with the acid rain incident, but then shifted to the crap about the title family being dysfunctional which had been done before, then a shift to another plot which came from nowhere involving Homer and Ned’s Vegas ‘wives’.

  1. I haven’t seen a new The Simpson’s episode in a couple of years. I just gradually lost interest. I think it started when FXX had that The Simpson’s marathon a few years ago. I recorded almost every episode but it burned up my DVR around the 5th day. I don’t think DVR’s are designed to record for like a week straight. The last episode that I thought was good was the Futurama crossover. After that, I just sort of lost interest.

  2. Let’s just hope that Disney can at least try to salvage the quality of The Simpsons. And fix Family Guy. Or both?

  3. It’s kinda funny after 10 seasons too. I’m streaming random episodes after 10th season. It had made me laugh many times.

  4. LOL you all need a life if you rage quit this great show…I loved every episode lol the rest of you go watch big brother lol

  5. I rage-quit at the episode where Lisa keeps adopting one cat after another, after the last cat keeps dying. So many things wrong with that episode.

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