Top 10 Marvel Moments That Made Fans Rage Quit
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Comic book fans know what they like – and this is not it! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most cringe-worthy, frustrating, insulting or otherwise unwelcome moments in Marvel Comics. Please note that we’ll be focusing on moments that turned readers off at the time of publication, not moments that have aged poorly or been retroactively criticized. We’re not saying that these moments were universally reviled, just that a sizable portion of readers made their displeasure be known.

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List Entries and Rank:
#10: Squirrel Girl Beats Thanos
#9: Marvel Swimsuit Special
#8: Wolverine is a Lupine
#7: The Clone Saga
#6: Heroes Reborn
#5: Twincest
#4: Captain America: Agent of Hydra
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. I dont know what is the deal with fans hating Squirel-girl for beating villains way out of her league with just some super power and instincts of a specific animal, because it sounds reaaaaally familiar to one of the most beloved superheroes…. and yeah maybe you could guess it…. its Spider-man (he is well know for defeating villains way out of his league too, maybe its not that much as beating Thanos, but its still big too). Squirel-girl sounds to me like a female version of Spider-man with a different kind of animal (and that she can actually comunnicate with the said species and has an actual body part of that species – the tail). And yeah maybe you could say that Peter Parker is actually a genius and he wins not just because of his powers but with his intelligence too, but its still not believable for him to take on villains with much more versatile and better powers and most of them are as intelligent as Spider-man himself (not all of them but some of them). You could say Marvel made Squirel-girl like a comic relieve female version of spiderman (and i am not saying that spiderman is not funny or something).
    So please dont hate because i am just trying to say my idea with my limited vocabulary (because i am not from english speaking country).

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