It seems today that all you see are Family Guy moments that made fans rage quit on TV. We’re looking at scenes that enraged Family Guy fans. We’re including poor characterization, horrendous story directions, tasteless jokes, and just plain lazy writing. WatchMojo ranks the worst Family Guy moments that made fans rage quit. Which Family Guy moment made you rage quit? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Peter accidentally / deliberately kills Quagmire’s cat. Not because of the subject but because the whole joke was so forced.

  2. I’m going to be honest, I don’t see why anyone would be angry at any of these things. Some jokes are distasteful sure, but get on with it. Don’t bitch about it. Its a comedy that has running gags and story arcs.

  3. I’m sure Seth MacFarlane probably wants to end the show, but Fox won’t let that happen…..

  4. OMG, I guess you aren’t the target audience! Sheesh. A) It’s supposed to be offensive, it’s pushing the limits. The only one which is unfortunate turned out to be the boston marathon one, but the unfortunate events happened after the episode was written. And B) those weird cut-aways and disrupting gags are by *design*, it’s one of the keys to the form of surreal humor it uses. If you are not into that, if that doesn’t tickle your funny bone, and you find it offensive… it’s not a mistep, it’s just not the right show for *you*. And points like the meg episode and the comments about how dysfunctional and toxic the family is.. yeah, that was, like all the other things you mention, the writers *actual* point!

    I don’t see *anything* in your video criticizing the family guy that is anything other than hilarious, and my god, the quality of these videos from WatchMojo has gone WAY down over the last years… Please get a new writer. 🙁

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