Top 10 Shocking Series Finale Plot Twists
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One last twist before the end! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 shocking series finale plot twists.

List Entries and Rank:
10. The Series Is Set in the Ancient Past “Battlestar Galactica” (2003-09)
9. Dan Humphrey Is Gossip Girl “Gossip Girl” (2007-12)
8. The Circle / Zodiac “Gravity Falls” (2012-16)
7. The Gang Goes to Prison “Seinfeld” (1989-98)
6. “How’s Annie?” “Twin Peaks” (1990-91; 2017)
5. The Final Season Was Fake “Roseanne” (1988-97; 2018)
4. The Mother Is Dead “How I Met Your Mother” (2005-14)
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. Honestly, I didn’t see any of this coming. But then again, I never quite watched these shows, so………..

  2. St. Elsewhere also had the most depressing sign-off ever. Most shows like Newhart, Hill Street Blues, among others, ended with a kitten meowing in a circle that read MTM (Mary Tyler Moore, a play on MGM’s roaring lion.) The kitten made an appearance for the last time at the end of St. Elsewhere : by being shown in a hospital bed and flat lining.

  3. changed from a thumbs up to a thumbs-down cuz you put lost as number one lost was absolutely freaking garbage that’s lazy writing shame on you guys terrible

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