Top 10 Shocking People You Won’t Believe Exist – Part 2
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet, I am your Host Rebecca Felgate and I cannot believe it has taken us nearly two years to make this video! Way back in June 2016 I made a Video called the Top 10 shocking people you won’t believe exist, it was a different time, my hair was redder, I was a little chubbier, I had been on the channel for just about 8 months, now… well…I am old hat! The video had over 5 million views, so we thought we would bring it back for you…. Get ready for the much-anticipated part 2 of the Top 10 shocking people you won’t believe exist …. Check the description box and the video cards for part one


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    • MostAmazingTop10
      A part 2 to the top 10 scariest Creepypasta’s? Sonic.EXE deserves a spot. So does Sally Williams.

    • I think Rebecca Felgate should have a wardrobe change every video she’s on… just saying.

  1. Numbers 10 & 9 – These people are, in my opinon, crazy or maybe insane, not only a screw loose but instead a box full of them…
    I felt sad for the little girl with sirenomelia, she wouldn´t be possible to have a “normal” life and even possible It must have been very
    difficult to her while she was alive (this i don´t know i only guessing), i must say i admire her how she was so full of life and looked happy in some pictures and kept fighting over 10 years even against all ods. A lesson to us!
    I don´t have nothing to say about the woman with the big butt, I will not criticize or something, if she is happy good for her 🙂
    The guy with the big penis- Oh man, big it is not always better –
    The twins are another example of bravery and which shows us – normal people – that we sometimes think we have difficult problems impossible to deal and overcome, remember there is always someone in worse situations and who do not give up fighting.
    The number one i was like O.o i actually had heard about this man and it´s always incredible to know how he managed to cheat death, not one but various times, I take my hat to this guy, and even won one million dollars.

  2. I’m a little surprised that someone who supports body positivity would call themselves chubby. I thought you looked lovely, not chubby.

  3. I mean, I heard relationships can be an emotional roller coaster ride, but that’s just too much.

  4. It is stupid but, they fight Gay marriage tooth & nail yet, a person can Marry an object. Or a Historic Property, like a Home or Property that has a Historic name. it is crazy.

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