Welcome to Top10Archive! Age doesn’t necessarily determine the life a person has had. Just because someone may be a teenager doesn’t mean they aren’t accomplished or worth getting to know. These 10 teens may be young, but they have some incredible stories worth telling.

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10. Lee Hee Danae
9. Marnie Harvie
8. Alexandra Allen
7. Ellen Lietzow
6. Zara Hartshorn
5. Magali Gonzalez Sierra
4. Ali Hussain Khan
3. Fu Wengui
2. Brittany Wenger
1. Angela Zhang


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  1. (In reference to thumbnail) Omg you’re soo right. I’ve NEVER seen a white
    anorexic teenage girl before. I had no idea those existed… :

  2. If you choose to include progeria then why not stick to just 1 and take the
    oldest living person with the condition and give mention to the other

  3. Have you heard of any of these people before? Do you know someone who could
    have made our list?

    • Ooohkill em Thanks for the comment! Yea, youtube’s algorithm has been
      messing with a lot of channels lately.. :/

    • Top10Archive great video guys! Sorry to see you’re not currently getting
      the amount of views you deserve.

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