Top 10 Jobs That Won’t Exist In 10 Years.

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Have you guys ever wonder what the future is going to look like. Well right now we live in a world with technology. Technology has changed the world drastically from being able to save people’s lives to self-driving cars. There are a ton of benefits and also a ton of concern when it comes to technology. Well on this list we are going to be talking about jobs that won’t exist soon and this could be because of technology have been replacing the need for people to do certain jobs.

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  1. I think it’s great all these jobs are becoming animated. Goku is gonna need a fallback job when he’s too old to fight.

  2. Yeah taxis suck compared to Uber. I two clicks somebody comes pick me up from where ever I want with GPS. I don’t have to check the address when I don’t know where I am. No language problems etc. I don’t get taxi companies haha.

  3. Disagree with the weather person. During a hurricane, I watched them constantly. Online AND on tv. Once my internet went off I had to watch them on TV. I do understand satellites and reports but not everyone does, and a good interpretation is needed by a meteorologist.

  4. Well, I am a very young YouTuber and I won’t be leaving YouTube. One of my goals is too get within the Thousands of subscribers when im older.

  5. The one about the post service isn’t true because even if we stop sending things through post, we won’t stop ordering things of Amazon, AliExpress and eBay. They’ll still need to keep running in order to deliver all that.

  6. I am back i had a nother account which I forgot the password for and now I am makeing vids again a year after I lost that account

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