Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil
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Animals are crazy intuitive, they may do stupid stuff sometimes like when my cat slaps anything in her path. Literally once i was cutting salmon to bake it and she just came and slapped it. Like why? I don’t get it. But slapping salmon aside animals can sense things that we simply cannot. Their senses are heightened, their vision is probably better and i’m sure they have a ghost 6th sense. Dogs have been known to bark at thin air when really it probably wasn’t nothing it was probably a ghost that Spot was tryna save you from. Yes you are a good boy Spot. Anyway these are the Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil.

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  1. oh how i’ve never heard any of these before. never. these are all original and new.

  2. My dogs bark at my door also they run back and forth from one window to the door barking

  3. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but I will share anyways. When I was a little kid, around 3, my grandmother had a dog named slick. She was actually a very attentive dog. One day I was playing outside and the fence was left open. 3 year old me saw the opportunity to escape. I ran straight for the road. Slick noticed and chased behind me. She caught up to me and pulled me out of the road by the back of my pants right as a car went rushing by. My grandmother saw the whole thing and praised the dog… let’s discontinue the story there… it was the end of the 80s/ early 90s.

  4. One day I went to a place called new buld in Rochdale with my mate Luke and my dog Daisy we wose Woking and my dog stoped and dragged us a different way wen she tuke us back on the street we looked back we’re we wose going to work we sore a man with a knife a gen my dog dragged us fast so we ran wen we looked back we wose being followed my dog tuke us down a street were we lost the man wen I got home I give my dog a treet cose why wose he carrying a knife & what wud of happend is we worked past him on the street we may,t be not hir to day

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