Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil – Part 2
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Doggos doggos doggos i’m back with another canine video. Gotta have it, gotta love it. I feel like everyone should have a pet of some kind may be it a cat a dog a snake y’know so whenever you meet someone new you can just present to your pet and they give you the signal if they’re a good egg or a bad egg. Can you imagine? Id love to go on a second date with you but my dog thinks you’re a psychopath so thats gonna be a no from me. I wouldn’t even be mad if i that was me on the other end. But either way enough of me, these are the Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil – Part 2.

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  2. One time we got on the subject of my grandma. She would goose dogs playing with them. Suddenly my dog jummped like my grandma goosed her.

  3. When you don’t want to go on a second date with someone but you don’t have a proper excuse: 0:26

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