Top 10 Scary Fast Food Urban Legends
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are taking food…again….I have yet to receive snacks…. And I need some. Get ready to have your tastebuds tingled as we talk about the Top 10 Fast Food Urban Legends. Before we take a big old bite out of this video I have a few things to say – firstly December is a month of delicious things and of giving. On the Most Amazing Instagram we are giving away a total of 1000 dollars in chunks to lucky followers. Head on over to Most Amazing official on Instagram to enter our giveaway – we are also getting pretty festive over there! Back to this tasty morsel of a video – let me know what your favourite fast food item is – I am all about some Poutine. YES CANADA. Leave me a comment in the comments section down below and we’re gonna chat about food until we have to call papa john to stop us. ALSO obviously please do like this video and share it with a snack loving friend. OKAY FAST FOOD URBAN LEGENDS I AM READY

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  1. i use to make mc gangbangs at mcdonalds all the time when i worked there

    the mc wiener is a urban legend

  2. From an employee working at Starbucks:

    So, in the Starbucks I work at if you don’t understand how to spell someone’s name you ask them. Tampering with a costumer’s order in any way is strictly forbidden in the one I work in. If you’re caught messing with the order it’ll count as a strike on your work record and you may eventually get fired. Being a worker in Japan I don’t know if the rules are the same in America or if the rumor is true but I assure you a rule here in Japan is to never do so and that the rumor of purposely messing up orders/names is not true.

  3. Guys…

    It’s just brains, eat it and get over it, it’s still the stuff you loved before this, it’s still FOOD

    No offense

  4. My aunt works at the science center in St.louis and there’s a second building about 7 minutes away connected to the science center and they have alot of weird things like a McDonald’s meal from 12 years ah o and it still looks the same not touched and also from a a fake creepy 6 ft Bigfoot to a 7 foot snake climbing up a stick in one room idk but it’s weird but also a fun place

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