Top 10 Scary Egyptian Urban Legends
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Egyptian Urban Legends. Ancient Egypt gets a lot of air time, but what about legends that more modern and prevalent today! While the rich history of Egypt definitely still impacts the modern day and cant be avoided in this list, but there are also so many new stories that we may never have heard of! Let’s do this. Before we get into this list, I want to ask you guys to let me know what the coolest country you have visited is? I have been to Egypt – that was pretty cool !

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    • +iNGL Official first of all I want to say what a big fan of you I am, I enjoy these kinds of topics they are interesting enjoyable and I geek out on’em hard! I love the discussions on the comment section a lot especially when you join lol! thank you keep up the good work!
      you are right, there are many types of jin, demons or whatever. they are created from a merge of different kinds of fire, which means there’s a variety of’em. and as u said, they differ according to their element wind, water, fire…also there are Moon, and light demon.
      they have the ability to change their appearance to snakes, cats, dogs, and even humans in order to blend in.
      they live in a parallel dimension which means…. they can see us without us seeing them. scary!

  1. Love you all! I love watching you guys! You do an amazing job! Big fan! Hello Rebecca, Landon and Danny!

  2. Miss R you always seem too have/wear something black. What is this for? i wear black too represent the poor #johnnycash

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