Top 10 Scary Ghost Urban Legends
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We know you love a good ghost story and you love a good urban legend! We decided why not fuse the two and bring you the Top 10 Scary Ghost Urban Legends

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  1. Hey Rebecca want to find White ladies? Go to Balete Drive in the Philippines you’ll find lots of them there

  2. Awesome video, and by this point I would expect nothing but the best from the best. When it comes to a partner for a scary movie I would hope Rebecca would pick me! She is so beautiful, has a great sense of humor, and has a wonderful voice to listen to. I’ll stop with that because that list could go on for a long time, like the list one could make about why this is the best list channel around.

  3. In my city St.Thomas ON Canada we have what we call magnetic hill that pulls your cars up a hill backwards

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