Top 10 Scary Easter Stories
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Happy Easter guys! As we’re in the midst of Easter right now, everyone is slowly but surely gaining many pounds because of chocolate eggs lets be real. And then we’re gonna gain even more pounds when its not Easter anymore because all of the Easter chocolate will then be on sale. We’ve pretty much got our next 2 weeks covered in terms of dessert guys. But this video is sadly not as sweet. Wow that was really lame, lets forget that. This is the Top 10 Scary Easter Urban Legends.

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  1. You’d better have the Yoga Downward Dog chocolate Easter Bunny, which looks obscene to some people!?

    This is just a damn big Furry Convention.

  2. I thought Gucci girl was voted off the island ? and stop no she’s definitely not allowed to do scary videos if you insist on keeping her on this channel sorry just not an ayman fan

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