Top 10 Scary Astronaut Stories – Part 2
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Welcome back everyone – I hope you guys got a chance to watch our first scary astronaut stories – here it is up here if you wanna go check it out right now – its still doing really well and getting a lot of love so we thought we wouldn’t wait any longer and wed just make a part 2 because there’s so many good astronaut stories still out there. Seriously, as I was finding some of these I was like – how did I miss these out in the first part? Nevermind, they’re in this video now, this is gonna be good, my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Astronaut Stories – Part 2.

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  1. If people (as in, human beings) are still so high-and-mighty enough to believe that we are the ONLY planet in the entire area of all of space that is special enough to hold life, including intelligent life, then you’re crazy! There has to be more planets out there with living beings like us, and probably more advanced as well. Some, maybe not-so-much. Idk how you can think that there could be potentially thousands of planets, but oh ya we are the only single one that could have life. Lol. And I know very credible people who have seen UFOs. My best friend and I (along with two other witnesses) saw a chevron-shaped one 3 years ago while night fishing. Others reported the next day of seeing the same thing. (There are many sightings in that area, it turns out). My ex saw one while working as a night-shift police officer. It was such an eye-opening experience that over the years he would tell anyone and everyone about it. It had a huge effect on him. There are too many accounts for it to be dismissed as hoaxing or mass hysteria or misidentification. Yes, those are the case sometimes as far as the hoaxing and misinterpretation. But this stuff is real and some people just can’t handle knowing such things perhaps. It’s a scary thought! And the gov’t totally covers that, along with a LOT of other stuff, up. Great vids!!!

  2. I hate space I always get scared when the space channel is on when they talk about blackholes and how earth could end or the sun could explode it scares me I dont know why

  3. Once when I was smaller I was playing on the street with my friends and it was getting dark I looked at the sky and I saw five or six dots moving. I told my friends to look up too. One of them told her mom and her mom said it could be anything even aliens. I still don’t know what the dots were….

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