Top 10 Scary Abandoned Hospitals – Part 2
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Doing this video is going against the very fiber of my being you guys, if there is one thing or trope i hate and am scared of more than anything it is abandoned hospitals and asylums. They creep me out on another level and so do all these stories, but i have put my heart rate aside to host this video so please please. If im going down, im taking all our viewers with me lets go, these are the top 10 Scary Abandoned Hospitals – Part 2.

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  1. 2:23 AM and I’m watching this, in my bed, pitch black room, headphones on and almost full volume and full screen. Wish me luck!…

  2. I wonder if any of the doctors/nurses who did all that terrible stuff were ever pursued by the law.

  3. I love how Ayman messed up a few times but she kept going as if it was nothing! You go girl! Nothing phases you <3

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t highlight the fact that the first hospital was on 666 acres, making it probably the one that demons go to when they get boo boos. <-- "boo," get it? Demons, spirits, BOO! Ba dum tssskk

  5. I was about halfway through this video when I heard an loud growl somewhere, did anyone else hear it or was it just me

    It terrified the hell out of me

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