Top 10 Robbery FAILS Caught on Tape
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Let’s all be thankful security cameras exist, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to laugh at these guys. From robbing a Starbucks with an Optimus Prime mask, to forgetting how doors work, to the meat cleaver bank robbery, these epic fails are gut busting-ly funny. WatchMojo counts down ten robbert fails caught on tape.

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#10: Venti Beatdown, Extra-Hot
#9: Indian Bank Robbery
#8: Meat Cleaver Bank Robbery
#7: Locked Inside a Convenience Store
#6: Sledgehammer Robbery
#5: Karachi Bank Robbery
#4: Breaking Down the Wrong Wall
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. In number 4 that was not a samurai sword, it’s some form of middle eastern (maybe Persian) scimitar, Egyptian khopesh.

  2. Don’t start with the red arrow shit, I’ve always seen you different to all the other shitty top 10 YouTube channels because I feel you actually care about your lists and don’t simply make them for money. So stop with the red arrow shit plz

  3. Honorable Mention: In a night in 2016 some guys in Germany (Berlin) wanted to blow up a cash machine to get the money. After the explosion, they realized, that the machine they blew up wasnt a cashpoint, but a bank statement printer

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