Welcome to Top10Archive! We turn to sports for entertainment as a means of competing without being actively involved. The athletes that we watch soon become our idols, especially for younger sports fanatics, and when something tragic happens to one, we’re left in a haze of sorrow. Join us as we revisit 10 of the saddest, most tragic sports deaths to have occurred in mordern times. Warning! This video may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

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10. Beethavean Scottland
9. Hank Gathers
8. Nodar Kumaritashvili
7. Douglas Dedge
6. Ayrton Senna
5. Stefan Bellof
4. Tom Simpson
3. Kevin Ward, Jr.
2. Owen Hart
1. Dale Earnhardt


Music by: Ross Bugden

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  1. What I liked about the video the most was at the end, you guys said
    nothing, and just let the sombre music finish to the end. A very big sign
    of respect to those who died too soon.

    An excellent job, guys. ?

    • Top 10 Archive – Mark You’re very welcome. No talking of the liking,
      sharing, subscribing. Just the beautifully sombre music, that ends your
      video. Job well done.

    • Thank you very much, Melanie. We do our best to remain as respectful as
      possible, especially for these videos.

  2. I saw Dale Earnhardt’s fatal crash at the Daytona 500. Didn’t know he was
    dead at the time though. RIP, Dale.

  3. Thank you guys for actually getting the Earnhardt part right. Most
    countdowns like this that people do either A) don’t explain it like you did
    or B) say that Earnhardt veered right or turned off the track and back up.
    First time I’ve ever watched one of these here they said that him and
    Marlin made contact. Saddest thing is it wasn’t even truly Sterling’s fault
    and countless fans sent him death threats the following week and Dale Jr
    had to step in

    • Top10Archive yeah I know a lot of people who stopped after he passed. I was
      only a year and half old when it happened, but watching old races here on
      YouTube or some do the documentaries (like “3” or the one on Spike TV last
      year) makes me just wish I could’ve grown up watching him race more and more

    • I’m 30, I watched the race live when I was 15.. That was the last Nascar
      race I ever watched.. I remember thinking (with everyone else), “Oh, it’s
      just another crash involving Dale.. he’ll be fine..” Nothing against the
      sport, but it’s hard to watch Nascar today without thinking about him and
      all the great racers of his time.. like Mark Martin. Dale wasn’t just a
      Nascar driver, he WAS Nascar.. I felt so bad for his Dale Jr. and Sterling
      both, and you are right – it wasn’t Sterling’s fault, but you know to this
      day he probably feels responsible.. what a horrible moment :/

  4. my dad was a diehard NASCAR fan. he cried when Dale Earnhardt died. he has
    never watched NASCAR again. :(

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