Hello YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Beyond the rolling hills, the towering mountaintops lies a place that, despite countless hours of exploration, remains a vast mystery. Hidden within the deepest, darkest corners of Earth’s largest bodies of water are alleged monstrosities that continue to allude our prying eyes. A lucky few claim to have captured some of these creatures on camera, albeit in grainy and unreliable footage, but we’ve compiled the most memorable and some of the best in this Top 10 Sea Monster Sightings Archive.

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10. Hook Island Sea Monster
9. The Ice Behemoth of Alaska
8. Nessie Reemerges
7. Raystown Ray
6. Sanibel Island Serpent
5. Creature of Turgoyak Lake
4. The Barmouth Monster
3. The Beast of River Thames
2. Alaskan Sea Dragon
1. The Legendary Morgawr?


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