Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! We’ve had some fun stumping some of our Archivists in the past and decided we couldn’t forgo the opportunity to do it again. Another collection of ten brainteasers, riddles, and mathematic puzzles await you ahead in this special mind-bending installment!

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Voice Over Talent:


  1. Here’s a riddle.

    You’re in a room with a table and a mirror. There are no windows, doors, or even a hole in sight. How do you get out?

    Answer: Look in the mirror, see what you saw. Take the saw, and cut the table in half. Two halves make a whole. Jump through the hole and now you’re out.

    It’s a play on words.

  2. I may be new to the channel, but you are my favorite top 10 YouTuber because you fit even with more than just the voice. You look the part and unlike the Richest you don’t go out of your way to convince people how good you are. Your videos speak for themselves.

  3. #3 doesn’t make sense. The pattern doesn’t follow logically. If you’re supposed to take the number of closed loops multiplied by the number of digits without any closed loops, then the first two sets should both equal zero. 9999 = 4 loops X 0 digits without closed loops = 0

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