Welcome to Top10Archive! Time and time again, the internet tries to trip us up with its infinite supply of mind benders and brain teasers – then we compile our favorites and dump them on you to figure out! Since we’ve found success in stumping some of our Archivists previously, we thought we’d give it another go with these 10 Riddles That Many People Can’t Seem to Solve!

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  1. i got 15 for the thumbnail. how did you guys get your answers ? If you know the rule of Bodmas, youll know im right.

  2. I got em all right except the second one in which I got the first two without a hint and thought he married a nun who he referred to as sister

  3. OMG you are all so fucking retarded.. ! Now i see why they call it an iq test, not that its hard to solve, but it can keep you fools thinking on a false question.
    You-can-not multiply two different units ! They are not the numbers. Numbers, believe or not, have the same value per unit, only different quantities therefore different names. Lets say i have “a” fry, and if i have one more, guess what? i have 2 fries, one more, you guessed it , 3. Now lets assume you have 3 fries aswell, and we want to multiply these 3×3=9 Do we magically have 9 fries now? If you say yes, go jump off a bridge ! If not, bare with me, what we did was 3+3=6 which is 3×2=6 we discovered that we have exactly the same amount of fries so, instead of counting yours aswell we just multiplied. If we had 5 more friends with ‘3 fries’ we could do the same. However, we can not multiply our god damn fries with your friend’s soda !
    Nor another friend with, 2 or 5 fries in his hand cuz its a different value. The number 1000 on the other hand, has one thousand same units in it, thats why we use numbers because they are calculable. If you have different things with different values, you can only add up in order to find the total. In this case 5+1+10=16
    Dont agree? Then i dare you to explain which kind of final product you get when you multiply fries and soda, and why?

    • gecomert dude imagine the 3 sodas as x. So the equation would be x+x+x=30 or 3x=30. If you solve that, x=10. Therefore, you wouldn’t be multiplying soda times fries, you’d be multiplying the number that the soda represents times the number that the fries represents. The items are just variables that you can eventually replace with numbers as you solve the equations

    • Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall for the first equation, we have 3 soda for 30$, by that you assume it must be 10$ each. Why is that? Cuz they have exactly the same value therefore they can be multiplied by three or any number depends on how many you have got. However you cant take one which has a different price into that account.
      8$ soda + 9$ soda + 13$ soda can be 30$ in total but you can not multiply them unless there are at least two 8$ soda in that calculation for example. Meaning you can only multiply them by their quantities not their values if they are the same, if not you can only add them.

    • gecomert I don’t multiply fries with soda – I multiply numbers that are represented by pictures. What if I told you to multiply 3 by three? Or 三 by три? Would it suddenly become illogical or impossible to solve only because the number is represented in different ways?

  4. number 2 has only 2 items that question suicide. what is that on the window and why a cigarette that is either unlit or partially smoked. the victim could have faced the camera before suicide that explains the layout of the body, stool, weapon and splatter. involuntary reflex could have tossed the slippers, slobbish behaviour or an unseen other like a pet or a child could have moved the slipper. For the lamp it is possible as the victim was falling the gun in her hand could have knocked the lamp cord. the suicide could be hours. old and the lamp had been moved there during the day in case it was needed on a previous occasion and she was too slobbish to plug it in and too lazy to put it back. only the unlit or half smoked cigarette is way too odd that would make me question the others
    number 3 has 3 answers
    (8+(11×4)=54) why 11×4 because it is the 4th line.
    (8+(11×8)=96 because you are multiplying the second number by the first and adding the first to the sum
    8+11+21=40 you add the sum 9f the previous line to the sum of the current line to get the total.

    number 10

    first line is cup plus cup plus cup=30
    a+a+a=30 or 3a=30 means a=10

    second​ line is cup plus burger plus burger=20
    a+b+b=20 or a+2b=20 subtract a or 10 from each side and get 2b=10 now divide both sides by 2 and you get b=5

    third line is burger plus 2 fries plus 2 fries=9
    b+2c+2c=9 or b+4c=9 subtract both sides by b or 5 and your get 4c=4 and divide both sides by 4 to get c=1
    so now we have determined that…
    the question in line 4 is (burger=5)+(fry=1)+(drink=10) ends up being 5+1+10=16

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