We’ve had so many Stephen King adaptations recently, but here’s one that actually manages to do things better than its original counterpart. Pet Sematary is considered one of the horror author’s finest. This new adaptation brings the scares, the laughs and a lot of great performances from the likes of Jason Clarke, Jeté Laurence and John Lithgow. What is your favorite Stephen King adaptation?

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List rank and entries:
10: The Pet Sematary Has More of a Presence
9: Really Great Scares
8: Tighter Pacing
7: How Zelda Dies
6: Everyone Is Involved in the Climax
5: Church Is Creepier
4: The Acting
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. Where do you stand on this matter? Do you like the original better? We’re dying to know, so tell us!

  2. They’re both trash but the 2019 remake is pompous, unscary, and boring. The older one is a sleazy TV movie with bad acting, except for Fred Gwynne.

  3. I liked the original a lot more. The source material is what made the movie so good. With Gage the fact it was a toddler made it even scarier because that’s not normal in a child but we always see demon ghost girls . The movie wasn’t bad I just like the original for obvious reasons and I usually praise the remake more then most people hating it

  4. I just saw the new one and I thought it was good in a “campfire story” kinda way, not bad but not great. But seriously, the original film is better. The new one is just filled with jump scares and shock moments, not really being a true horror movie.

  5. Nowww I’m not arguing with quality (to whoever’s their own) what I’m arguing is… goddamn Mojo how much do the studios pay you to endorse their crap. Sometimes your sublte but lately you and some of your other accounts are just in my face about product endorsement

  6. The way the father cried when the son died automatically makes the original better. The pain was too realistic.

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