Top 10 Stupidest Reasons to Get Arrested
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We’d rather have the police on our side than against us. But some people have a tendency of getting into trouble for no reason! From forgetting garlic bread, to excessive twerking, to giving a cat a piercing, these arrests seem too ludicrous to be true. WatchMojo counts down ten stupidest reasons to get arrested.

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#10: Having Sexual Relations with Objects
#9: Make Sure You Don’t Forget the Garlic Bread
#8: Arrested For Too Much Twerking
#7: Arrested for Giving Cats Piercings
#6: Refusing to Give a Little Boy His Ball Back
#5: An Armed Goat Steals a Car
#4: An Unflattering Mug Shot

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  1. Number 1: Mother: What’s that little Jimmy? You opened your gift early? *dramatic gasping* The audacity! *calls the police.* Time to teach you a lesson.

  2. Piercing animals should be considered cruelty right then! People like that shouldn’t be allowed to have pets!

  3. how about another list about top 10 stupid reasons cops arrest people for
    number 10 disrespecting a guy in a uniform is the ultimate crime
    number 9 because you film them breaking the law
    number 8 because you wear a hoodie
    number 7 because you have the wrong look/accent for their part of town etc etc

  4. Robbing a bunch of stores with no mask because you’re a state football champion who thinks they can get away with anything.

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