Top 10 Reasons Logan Paul Is Hated
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Getting older doesn’t always mean getting wiser. For this list, we’re looking at what haters have against Logan Paul, going over the worst rumors and controversies involving the YouTube megastar. From his taser video to his annoying behavior, WatchMojo is counting down the reasons people hate Logan Paul.

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10. He Told People to Sabotage His Brother’s Van
9. The “No Handlebars” Controversy
8. His Twitch Stream
7. His Taser Video
6. How He Markets Merch
5. He’s Rude Overseas
4. He’s Just Annoying
3, 2 & 1???

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  1. Don’t forget for number 1. That a few anime’s actually made a caricature of him. Gajin goomba does a good video on that.

  2. Watchmojo your just milking a cow dry and are running of ideas nobody likes Logan Paul you can go home to family take alot of time off

  3. I really can’t stand the Paul brothers, like I might think different about them if they were acting their age & theirselves on camera as well as off camera. Also so Logan is basically a asshole while outside the US, he tasered a dead rat, faked his own death & filmed a dead body while laughing at it in the Suicide Forest & worst part is Logan is meant to be inspiring to kids & teens, yet he does shit like that & I’m actually surprised that people still watches Logan after what he has done as well.

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