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Some of the best smartphone accessories for Android and iPhone can take your phone to the next level. Whether it’s Microsoft’s universal foldable keyboard, water-resistant bluetooth speakers from Sony, Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, or something for forgetful types like the Tile tracker, which helps you find lost items, you need some cool accessories to go with your new smartphone. WatchMojo teams up with tech-spert Marc Saltzman to list ten of the coolest smartphone gadgets for 2017.

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00:43 #1: Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones
01:22 #2: The Piston Power Pro 12000
02:11 #3: Otterbox Defender Series Smartphone Cases
02:53 #4: Fossil Q Smartwatches, Powered by Android Wear
03:34 #5: The Tile Tracker
04:15 #6: Leef iBridge 3
04:58 #7: Microsoft’s Universal Foldable Keyboard
05:33 #8: Sony’s XBand XBWaterResistant Bluetooth Speaker
06:16 #9: Google’s 4K Chromecast Ultra
07:01 #10: AirSelfie

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  1. This is so fucking cringe. That “all about the safe” bit gave me cancer. How you doing fellow kids?

  2. The only reason for Apple to repeatedly “forget” to add some sort of memory card slot, such as microSD, to their phones is because they want to charge you a premium for an iPhone with more built-in storage. It is certainly not because they are trying to keep costs down (yeah, right), because even the cheapest of smart phones have some sort of TF/microSD card slot. This is one of the main reasons I abandoned iPhone for Android many years ago – and haven’t looked back.

    Yes, you can attach a USB thumbdrive to an iOS device, but it can not be used as extra storage: The iOS device just imports what’s on the drive (as long as it’s named properly, etc. Strangely, the videos have to be in 8.3 format like the old DOS days!: e.g. ‘movie001.mp4’. If you have a movie called ‘Spiderman 2.mp4’ it will not be recognized, unless they have fixed this ridiculous oversight since then).

    Apple’s insistence on using the insanely bloated iTunes program to import video and music is also annoying.

    Rock on, Android!

    That ‘air selfie’ thing was pretty cool, but the quality of the video looks pretty bad.


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