Despite their popularity, these successful channels continue to fly under the radar of many would-be subscribers. For this list, we’re looking at channels who have managed to gain at least 1 million subscribers but that seem to lack the mainstream recognition of channels like Pewdiepie or Smosh. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers You May Not Have Heard Of.

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9. BB Ki Vines
8. Wengie
7. Simone Giertz
6. outsidexbox
5. elrubiusOMG
4. Felipe Neto

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  1. After Prison Show is a joy, even if you have nothing in common with the subject and have never been locked up. It’s a real success story!

  2. You can’t consider T-Series a “Youtuber”, it’s simply not fair. You should’ve put Doug DeMuro there! He’s got 2.6 M subscribers and his videos are cool for us car enthusiasts. Not everything is gaming or slime videos.

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