Top 10 Missing People Who Were Mysteriously Found Alive
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As much as we complain about our phone listing to us and using that information to send us ads that were interested in. Wait that reminds me. Discount trips to Las Vegas, Discount trips to Las Vegas, Discount trips to Las Vegas…. Its still way nice having people know where you are. Now everyone looks into their phone camera and say I love you to the FBI agent that is in charge of looking over you. Having the opposite happen, like having no one know where you are seems waaaaay worse. If you go missing its only a matter of time before people stop looking for you and you could still be out there. I found some of the most interesting cases of this for today’s list of Top 10 missing people who were mysteriously found Alive.

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  1. I didn’t really believe in the phone listening thing until one day Amazon started showing me ads for fire alarms a few days after I kept telling my GMA we needed to change the batteries on ours!

  2. I’ve always loved the background music during these videos. For some reason it sounds like the silent hill game right before you press continue I’m probably wrong but I’ve thought this for awhile now. Pretty cool to be honest. Yay it’s Che Durena looking good there Che and I’m digging the fro✌💜

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