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Top 10 Marvel Movies!
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Our list on the best Marvel Movies was first published over 4 years ago! A LOT has changed since then… Guardians of the Galaxy… Logan… RAGNAROK! So, since it’s Marvel Week here at WatchMojo, we thought it was high time we Reduxed this list and need your votes for which movies now need to be included in a Top 10 Greatest Marvel Movies. It’s gonna be tough! At the end of Marvel Week we’ll be publishing our new and improved list incorporating all of your MyMojo voting. So head on over to the voting page and get started:

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#10. “Blade II” (2002)
#9. “The Incredible Hulk” (2008)
#8. “Captain America The First Avenger” (2011)
#7. “Thor” (2011)
#6. “XMen First Class” (2011)
#5. “SpiderMan” (2002)
#4. “X2: X-Men United” (2003)
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. Also what about Guardians of the Galaxy or Black Panther, Civil War? Ant Man? Doctor Strange?

  2. 1.) Logan
    2.) The Avengers (1st)
    3.) Guardians Of The Galaxy (Vol.1)
    4.) Captain America: Civil War
    5.) Thor Ragnarok
    6.) X-Men Days Of Future Past
    7.) Spider Man 2 (Toby Mcquire)
    8.) Thor (1st)
    9.) Spider Man (1st)
    10.) Captain America (Winters Soldier)

  3. BAAHAHAHAHAHAA! A Hulk standalone movie made the list?! That IS dated!!!
    New top 4: Captain America Civil War, Avengers, Captain America 2, Iron man 1.

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