Top 10 Marvel Heroes and Villains You Will Never See in the MCU
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Rights issues, absurd concepts, or similarities that are too close to other existing characters have basically made these significant characters’ entry into the MCU nearly impossible. Though we would love to see these characters interact and exist in the world that Marvel Studios has carefully constructed over the years, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely.

List ranks and entries:
#10: Deadpool
#9: Onslaught
#8: Super-Skrull
#7: Death
#6: Miracleman
#5: The Silver Surfer
#4: She-Hulk
#3, #2, #1: ?

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  1. Deadpool maybe, since Ryan Reynolds did make that character very profitable without any link to MCU, the others I have to ask REALLY? Never heard of a small movie called spiderman homecoming? Marvel didn’t have to get spiderman back to incorporate him in MCU, even deadpool could have some sort of interaction with MCU, because MCU is strong and just a simple why not? It will makes a lot of money and who in their right mind would go against money?

    Again, please fire your “resident movie guy”, that dude knows nothing, watchmojo use to make quality list about movie, now this shitty list“““““` shameful.

  2. I want their to be a Fantastic Four movie in the MCU, but not the Xmen. Xmen is a good series on its own without the MCU.

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